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At Ryohin Keikaku, our focus is on bringing pleasure to people and beauty to their lives, as well as contributing to society, through the very businesses in which we engage. We constantly think about what we can do to benefit society and the people in Japan and all across the world. What actions should we take to spread our idea of a simple, pleasant life to solve the issues that our society faces? We welcome anyone who is willing to take on this challenge together with us.


Recruiting message


- Presenting our vision of a simple, pleasant life -
Beautifully simple products make the world a better place

MUJI products originated in 1980 to create quality products at low prices for Seiyu retail stores (a Japanese supermarket chain) as described by the catchphrase “Lower priced for a reason.” The basis of our product development is to create products that are truly fundamental to day-to-day life without any unnecessary complexity. To achieve this, we take a second look at often neglected materials, streamline the production process, and simplify packaging to create simple, beautiful products that people will cherish for years.

We have built on this concept from the beginning, delivering MUJI goods and services designed with both the consumer and the manufacturer in mind to realize our vision of a simple, pleasant life for people around the world. At Ryohin Keikaku, our focus is on bringing pleasure to people and beauty to their lives, as well as contributing to society, through the very businesses in which we engage.

MUJI products and services are designed to bring simplicity and beauty into daily life. This has been our way of solving challenges people face across the globe, and society as a whole.

For the first time, MUJI stores outside Japan have outnumbered the number of MUJI stores in Japan during the year 2017. However, does opening and operating many stores outside of Japan indicate that we are a global company? We believe that what we actually accomplish at the stores in Japan and all over the world is more essential then the number of stores overseas or how many countries we operate in. Why not take this chance to think about what you can do now and in the future to contribute to society through our businesses?

Company overview

June 1989
4-26-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-8424
JPY 6,766.25 million
Annual turnover
JPY 379,551 million (Consolidated operating revenue)
Main business
Management / Merchandising / Development / Production / Sales of MUJI SPA
Number of employees
17,652 including 9,524 part-timers (Consolidated)
Number of Stores
MUJI Stores

Total: 419


Café&Meal MUJI: 26, IDÉE: 9

Total Japan: 454

<Outside Japan>
MUJI Stores

China: 229, Hong Kong: 19, Taiwan: 45, Korea: 26, UK: 12, France: 7, Italy: 8,
Germany: 7, Spain: 6, Portugal: 1, Ireland: 1, Sweden: 8, Poland: 1,USA: 15,
Canada: 6, Singapore: 11, Malaysia: 7, Thailand: 16, India: 4,Australia: 3,
Indonesia: 8, Philippines: 4, Kuwait: 2, UAE:5, Saudi Arabia: 2,Bahrain: 2, Qatar: 2


Café&Meal MUJI: 17

Total Outside Japan: 474

Total Group: 928

Corporate profile
English :
Chinese :
Japanese :

Recruiting information

Why are we recruiting talents to Global Headquarters?
To recruit talents who can commit to MUJI’s global business in the long-term with a strong sense of ownership.
Why are we recruiting Non-Japanese talents to Global Headquarters?
To recruit talents, regardless of nationality, with an understanding of Global Headquarters in Japan and potential to lead MUJI’s global business in the future.
Job opening
Management Trainee (full-time position)
Job description
Careers at MUJI begin at the store level. As a management trainee there are various opportunities to experience different business domains, such as store management, product development, global business, etc. to expand and develop your own career. Management trainees are expected to take on challenges at all areas of MUJI’s business. We would like future recruits to take on the role of expanding the MUJI brand to the rest of the world.
Overview of possible
career paths
By developing one’s career as above, candidates will be able to understand the mechanisms between stores and HQ. With that understanding in mind, we expect candidates to contribute to MUJI’s global business.
Please refer to the above figure as reference. Depending on the situation the number of years you work at the stores may vary.
Starting salary (actual for 2018)

University graduate: Monthly 220,000 yen
Expected Salary: Yearly 3,520,000 yen (including bonuses)

*Yearly salary could fluctuate depending on the company’s performance and how you are evaluated.

Pay raise: Once per year

Various benefits
Benefits consists of store manager allowance, family allowance, relocation allowance, overtime pay, commuting allowance, and social insurance (includes health and pension insurance)
Twice a year
First work location
You will begin your career at directly managed MUJI stores in or near Tokyo. In the future, there will be opportunities to relocate to MUJI stores across Japan, Global Headquarters in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, or overseas, including countries other than your own.
Days off/vacation
117 days off per year [5-day work week (shift system), consecutive days off in summer, winter, etc.]
10 paid holidays per year (first year at company)
Child care, family medical care system available
Conditions to Apply

Students who graduate from university/graduate school by August 2019. Applicants will start working in Japan with a working VISA from the beginning of October 2019. Asian Job Express will help candidates apply for a working VISA.

Academic field not specified

Any nationality welcome

Minimum of communication level English required

Japanese proficiency is neither required nor evaluated during the selection process. However, you will need to be able to communicate in Japanese if you decide to work for MUJI. The company will provide Japanese language training for all recruits to reach at least conversational level Japanese before starting employment from October 2019. Tuition for Japanese language training will be covered by MUJI.

we are Looking for

Understand and share the same values with MUJI’s philosophy, industry, businesses, and store focused approach

Ready to commit long term with MUJI

Make a continuous effort to master necessary skills through a non-native language

Able to maintain a positive perspective and behavior in a cross-cultural environment

General outline

1. Pre-register at AJE’s website
2. Upload your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and answer all of our supplementary questions to complete registration
3. Initial document screening
4. First and second face-to-face interview will be held at Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Web interview sessions will be held for applicants who reside in other areas.
5. Final workshop will be hosted at Tokyo. Flight and accommodation will be covered
6. Job offer will be given to successful applicants

Application deadline

Singapore: October 4, 2018 18:00 (GMT+8)
Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong: October 17, 2018 18:00 (GMT+8)
Other Areas: October 17, 2018 19:00 (GMT+9)

First and second interview schedule

Singapore: Mid-to-late October
Beijing: Late October
Shanghai: Early November
Hong Kong: Early November
Other Areas: Mid-October to Late November
*Details of the interview (i.e., time, location etc.) will be announced individually to all applicants who pass the initial application screening

Workshop and final interview in Tokyo

Five-day workshop is scheduled in mid-December at Tokyo, Japan. Group work and interviews by HR personnel and board members will be conducted. All travel and accommodation fees will be paid for by the company.

Job offer announcement

We will contact all successful applicants by late-December 2018.

Date of employment

Successful applicants who decide to join our program will move to Japan and start working from the beginning of October 2019. Till then, all applicants will receive Japanese language training (tuition will be paid by the company.)

Message from HR

Hello, everyone. My name is Chan Tsz Long and I am currently part of MUJI’s recruitment and talent management team. I participated in the AJE program in 2012 and started working for MUJI from October 2013. I started my career at a MUJI store, worked my way up as a store manager, and moved to my current position 2 years ago. One of my current missions is to recruit non-Japanese talent from outside of Japan through the AJE program.

Ryohin Keikaku’s Corporate Values

Ryohin Keikaku strives to realize our vision of a simple, pleasant life for people around the world through the MUJI brand and other businesses it develops.

MUJI aims for people to restrain spontaneous “I must have this” desires that fulfill distinct tastes and embrace a “this is enough” philosophy that looks into the fundamentals of living. The definition of MUJI’s simple, pleasant life is the beauty of simplicity and taking pride in having a modest living.

The world currently holds a myriad of environmental and resource depletion issues. Rather than giving priority to monopoly of profits and individual culture values, it is necessary for the future world to value reason that suppresses selfishness by overlooking the world. From a global scale, we want to make life simpler and beautiful through our products and services and ultimately solve societal and global issues. This is why MUJI will continue to propose our vision of a simple, pleasant life.

MUJI’s Approach to Global Recruitment

MUJI currently expands its business globally to realize a simple, pleasant life for people all over the world. In 2017 the number of MUJI stores outside of Japan has exceeded the number of MUJI stores inside Japan, representing MUJI’s development to the next stage.

We believe that global recruitment is essential for MUJI to continue its progress. Candidates for this program are expected to have a global mindset and lead MUJI’s global expansion in the future.

Career Path for Global Recruits

As a global recruit, you will first start your career in Japan and gain a deep understanding of MUJI’s values and how business is done in Japan. This is because the company’s philosophy and business know-how, which is central to MUJI, is found in the stores and headquarters in Japan. Once you learn the fundamentals of MUJI, you will be able to experience various departments in the company where you can utilize your strengths and take part in global business.

Our Last Word

MUJI is not just a retail company that sells goods. We strive for the realization of a simple, pleasant life that can be seen behind all of our products and services. However, the idea of “simple, pleasant life” and “this is enough” instead of “I want this” cannot be explained only through words. We expect you to understand and spread the idea through your own language to the world. Together, let us build the future of MUJI to realize our vision of a simple, pleasant life.

Message from HR

みなさん、こんにちは。株式会社良品計画 人事総務部 採用・育成課の陳 梓朗(チャン ツーロン)と申します。私は2012年にAJEに参加し、2013年10月に入社しました。入社後、店舗社員、店長としての勤務を経て、2年前から現職に移り、良品計画で働く海外大卒の採用(AJE)を担当しました。















Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. 出光兴产株式会社

Recruiting message 招聘信息


Capture the movement of the world, to create a harmonious society of the economy and the global environment


At Idemitsu, we aim to create a society with harmony of the economy and the environment by enhancing our international competitiveness based on our three core businesses: foundation business, resources business, and high-performance materials business. In the foundation business, we will increase international competitiveness through the integration of domestic industrial complexes and advance into overseas growth markets.

In the resource business, we will further enhance our resource portfolio by entering the gas business in addition to conventional oil development and coal business.In the high-performance materials business, we are accelerating the development of global products in the lubricating oil, electronic materials and agribio fields and the development of environmentally friendly products.


Company overview 公司概要

Company Name
Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
1-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8321 Japan
东京都千代田区丸之内3-1-1 邮编:100-8321
Representative Director
& Chief Executive Officer
Shunichi Kito
代表取缔役社长 木藤 俊一
March 30, 1940
Capital Stock
168.3 billion yen
Net Sales
3,190 billion yen (FY 2016)
Number of Employees (consolidated)
9,139 employees (As of March 31, 2017)
Local Offices /
Global Offices
<Outside Japan>

24 sales branches, 5 business branches, 8 research centers, 3 refineries, 2 petrochemical hubs, 19 oil reservoirs

<Global Offices>

Singapore, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Australia, U.S.A., U.A.E., Qatar, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Norway, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Cambodia, Korea, Canada, Switzerland

【海外网点】新加坡、泰国、中国大陆、中国香港、中国台湾、越南、澳大利亚、美国、阿拉伯联合酋长国、 卡塔尔、马来西亚、德国、挪威、印度尼西亚、印度、巴西、墨西哥、俄罗斯、柬埔寨、韩国、加拿大、瑞士

Management Philosophy and Who We’re Looking For
Principles of Management

Since its establishment, Idemitsu has been practicing the concept of "respect for human beings" in the conduct of business, and has sought to meet the high expectations of society and to earn its trust.


出光自成立以来,通过业务活动将“以人为本”这一思想付诸实践, 致力于成为备受社会广泛期待和信赖的企业。

We are seeking people with the following qualities


In order to fully demonstrate one's ability in society, a strong sense of responsibility, eagerness for self-development, willingness to study, and a optimistic outlook on things are all important.


为在进入社会后能够充分发挥自身拥有的能力,必须要有负责完成工作的坚强意志、 较强的自我发展意识、努力学习的上进心,以及正向思考的积极态度等。


We respect the values of healthy competition based on trust and consideration toward others.



<Strong Foundational Skills>

"Intellectual ability" based on critical thinking and "basic academic and professional skills" that are required for business.


拥有以理论思维为核心的“知识能力”, 以及在社会生活和公司生活中所需的较高 “学习能力”和“专业能力”。

Purpose for Recruitment
Overview of Electronic Materials Department and Background of Recruitment

In the 1980s, we began research and development of organic EL, and in 1997 we succeeded in developing blue light emission organic EL materials with world-class performance. We supply organic electroluminescent materials to a large number of domestic and oversea electronics manufacturers. Our products are implemented in various finished products including car audio and mobile phones.

We will continue offering organic EL materials with the world's highest level of performance in response to market needs and offering total solutions including proposals for optimal device configurations based on technologies we have cultivated over many years. In response to the market for organic EL displays such as TVs and smartphones, which will expand in the future, we will be recruiting R&D employees for organic EL materials to respond to customers' needs, such as further higher performance and stable supply of organic EL materials.

As China is growing into a worldwide manufacturing and development base of organic EL materials, we believe that Chinese people have great potential for success. In the future we are looking for talent who will lead the business of Idemitsu Kosan as a leader of organic EL industry not only in Japan and China, but across the world.





Job Position 职务

Global High-Tech Talent Recruitment (Candidates will start their career in Japan, but expected to work globally based in R&D hubs in China.)
【Note】Japanese is not required during the recruitment process. (Candidates will study Japanese after being offered the position.)

 ※ 研发职位,将来能够以中国国内研发基地为中心,在全球范围内大显身手
 ※ 无日语要求(入职后培训)
Organic EL Material R&D at the Electronic Materials R&D Center, Electronic Materials Department
电子材料部电子材料开发中心 有机EL材料研发职位
Job Overview
1) Idemitsu holds the world's cutting-edge technology in the organic EL materials field.
2) R&D will be done in the world's leading technology (i.e., includes R&D not done in China) such as enhancing the performance and stabilizing the supply of organic EL materials.
3) We plan on opening a R&D hub in China. In the future, main work location will be both China and Japan. There is also the possibility to work in other areas depending on the demand of displays.
4) You will begin your career in Japan, but Japanese will not be required during the recruitment process. After you join the company your Japanese language training will be fully covered.


Salary and Benefits 待遇

Monthly Salary (Starting Rate): 252,750 JPY
Expected Yearly Salary: 3,240,000 JPY (1st Year, Contract Employee)
3,710,000 JPY (2nd Year, Full-Time Employee)
4,600,000 JPY (3rd Year, Full-Time Employee)

【Note】 Expected yearly salary is calculated with the expectation that one will be promoted to a full-time employee beginning his/her second year.

<Days Off/Vacation>
5-day work week (Saturday and Sunday are holidays)
National holidays, yearly anniversary, year-end and new year break, annual paid holidays are provided.

Labor insurance, social insurance provided
Company-owned housing available, housing aid provided (80% of rent will be covered by the company)
Japanese language tuition will be covered by the company
Cafeteria and commuter bus available
Childbirth and nursing allowance provided
Commuting allowance provided
Overtime payment provided


■加班津贴 等
Training Programs
Japanese language training
New-employee training and other training suited to each position
Skill development training
Specialized skill training

Job Role
Evaluate/analyze organic EL materials
Feedback on molecular design of organic EL materials through physical property
Product development negotiation with customers

HR Development
Japanese language training will be provided by the company.

Conditions to Apply 应聘资格

Required Qualifications
Masters degree or higher academic qualification in science/engineering
Basic understanding of organic compound structure and physical property relationships
Able to study semiconductor devices from various fields (i.e., physics, optics, electronics, etc.)
English ability (higher than CET 4)
Japanese is not required during the recruitment process. (Candidates will study Japanese after being offered the position.)

Desired Qualifications
Background in analyzing/evaluating organic EL materials (e.g., studied the field during university) Upper level Japanese (i.e., JLPT N1) (Japanese speakers are welcome to apply. However, Japanese ability will neither be evaluated nor be part of the selection criteria.)

Training Programs
Japanese language training
New-employee training and other training suited to each position
Skill development training
Specialized skill training


Recruitment Overview 选拔流程

Recruitment Process
1) Application screening (CV and summary of research topic)
2) Interview at either Beijing or Japan (research presentation and Q&A session)
Round-trip flight and housing will be covered by the company

Interview Details
Interview is scheduled between August to November 2018.
Final results will be announced between September to December 2018.