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Let us build the future of MUJI together

MUJI was founded in Japan in 1980 as an antithesis to the habits of consumer society at that time. Capitalism was being prioritized and products were made to sell instead of pursuing its essential qualities. MUJI’s concept was born of the intersection of two distinct stances criticizing this situation: no brand (mujirushi) and the value of good items (ryohin).

Ever since our establishment, we’ve never stopped contemplating about the true meaning of prosperity or what defines a quality product (ryohin) that embodies the relationship between humanity and nature for the achievement of a “Pleasant Life.” MUJI has created products that put the producers and environment into consideration by always thinking from both the perspective of the customers and the future of our planet. We’ve always expressed our attitude towards product development to our customers through simple spatial design of our stores together with honest and direct interaction with our customers.

“If our day-to-day lives are beautiful, society will get better.” This is something that we firmly believe in. Environmental problems, overconsumption of resources, and societal norms are all results of our day-to-day lives. Currently, Japan’s population is declining rapidly and many people are anxious about what lies ahead. Meanwhile, the world population continues to grow and people expect benefits from economic growth, but at the same time, seem to be turning a blind eye to various problems like environmental and conservation issues that are by-products of industrial expansion.

For this reason, MUJI will keep advocating its “Pleasant Life” philosophy to the world. We will continue to share our value of restraining spontaneous “I must have this” desire and taking pride in having a modest “this will do” philosophy to more people across the globe. With the aspiration to achieve “Pleasant Life” on a global scale, we will define our employees who work in MUJI’s stores and headquarters all over the world as our leading main players. Through the process, MUJI will develop together with our employees to become a world-class highly profitable company.

There is no correct answer prepared for MUJI. There are ample opportunities for growth prepared for people who can think, speak, and act with a global perspective. FY 2017 will be the year where the number of MUJI’s overseas stores will surpass the number of stores in Japan. This will mark another new phase for MUJI. Together let us build the future of MUJI to achieve “Pleasant Life” on a global scale.

Company overview

June 1989
4-26-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-8424
JPY 6,766.25 million
Annual turnover
JPY 333,281 million (Consolidated operating revenue)
Main business
Management / Merchandising / Development / Production / Sales of MUJI SPA
Number of Stores
MUJI Stores

Directly Managed Stores: 328
Licensed Stores: 90
Total: 418


Café&Meal MUJI: 23, IDÉE: 11

Total Japan: 452

<Outside Japan>
MUJI Stores

China: 200, Hong Kong: 17, Taiwan: 42, Korea: 20, UK: 12, France: 9, Italy: 9,
Germany: 7, Spain: 6, Portugal: 1, Ireland: 1, Sweden: 8, Poland: 1, USA: 12,
Canada: 3, Singapore: 10, Malaysia: 5, Thailand: 14, India: 2, Australia: 3,
Indonesia: 6, Philippines: 7, Kuwait: 2, UAE 4, Saudi Arabia: 1, Bahrain: 1


Café&Meal MUJI 15

Total Outside Japan: 418

Total Group: 870

Further details
Japanese and English :
Japanese and Chinese :

Recruiting information

Objective of new graduate recruitment for Global Headquarters
To recruit people who can relate to and actualize the philosophy of MUJI.
Purpose for overseas recruitment for Global Headquarters
To recruit people, regardless of nationality, who have potential to lead MUJI’s future global business directly from Global Headquarters located in Japan.
Job opening
Management Trainee (full-time position)
Job description
Careers at MUJI begin at the store level. As a management trainee there are various opportunities to experience different business domains, such as store management, product development, global business, etc. to expand and develop your own career. Management trainees are expected to take on challenges at all areas of MUJI’s business. We would like future recruits to take on the role of expanding the MUJI brand to the rest of the world.
Overview of possible
career paths
By developing one’s career as above, candidates will be able to understand the mechanisms between stores and HQ. With that understanding in mind, we expect candidates to contribute to MUJI’s global business.
Please refer to the above figure as reference. Depending on the situation the number of years you work at the stores may vary.
Starting salary (actual for 2017)

University graduate: Monthly 220,000 yen
Expected Salary: Yearly 3,520,000 yen (including bonuses)

*Yearly salary could fluctuate depending on the company’s performance and how you are evaluated.

Pay raise: Once per year

Various benefits
Benefits consists of store manager allowance, family allowance, relocation allowance, overtime pay, commuting allowance, and social insurance (includes health and pension insurance)
Twice a year
First work location
You will begin your career at directly managed MUJI stores in or near Tokyo. In the future, there will be opportunities to relocate to MUJI stores across Japan, Global Headquarters in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, or overseas, including countries other than your own.
Days off/vacation
117 days off per year [5-day work week (shift system), consecutive days off in summer, winter, etc.]
10 paid holidays per year (first year at company)
Child care, family medical care system available
Conditions to Apply

Students who will graduate from university/graduate school by August 2018 (Will start working in Japan with a working VISA on October 2018. The company will help candidates apply for the working VISA).

Academic field not specified

Students who only live outside of Japan are eligible to apply. If you live in Japan, please check MUJI’s domestic recruitment page. Asian Job Express provides recruitment opportunities for students who live outside of Japan.

Must be able to attend the first and second interview in Hong Kong, Beijing, or Shanghai.

Japanese proficiency is neither required nor evaluated during the selection process. However, you will need to be able to communicate in Japanese if you decide to work for MUJI. The company will provide Japanese language training for all recruits to reach at least conversational level Japanese before starting employment from October 2018. Tuition for Japanese language training will be covered by MUJI.

we are Looking for

Students who not only share the same values as MUJI’s philosophy, but are also determined to promote MUJI’s business through their own area of expertise.

Students who are interested and have potential to lead MUJI’s future global business from Global Headquarters located in Japan.

General outline

1. Access the AJE website, enter all necessary information, and download the job application.
2. Fill out the downloaded job application and upload it to complete your entry.
3. Initial screening of job application will be conducted.
4. First and second interview will be held in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai.
5. Workshop and final interview will be held in Tokyo (all travel expenses will be covered).
6. Job offer is scheduled to be announced by the end of December.

Application deadline

Hong Kong: October 9, 2017, Monday
Beijing: October 23, 2017, Monday
Shanghai: October 23, 2017, Monday
*Deadline for all areas is 18:00 local time

First and second interview schedule

Hong Kong: Mid-to-Late October
Beijing: Early November
Shanghai: Early November
Details of the interview (i.e., time, location, etc.) will be announced individually to all applicants who pass the initial application screening

Workshop and final interview in Tokyo

Five-day workshop is scheduled in mid-December at Tokyo, Japan. Group work and interviews by HR personnel and board members will be conducted. All travel and accommodation fees will be paid for by the company.

Job offer announcement

We will contact all successful applicants by late-December 2017.

Date of employment

Will move to Japan and start working on October 2018. Till then, applicants will receive Japanese language training (all paid for by the company).