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Shaping the Future of Ryohin Keikaku

MUJI was founded in Japan in 1980 as an antithesis to the habits of consumer society at that time. On one hand, foreign-made luxury brands were gaining popularity within an economic environment of ever-rising prosperity. On the other hand, poor-quality, low-priced goods were appearing on the market, and had a polarizing effect on consumption patterns. MUJI was conceived as a critique of this prevailing condition, with the purpose of restoring a vision of products that are actually useful for the customer and maintain an ideal balance between living and the objects that make it possible. The concept was born of the intersection of two distinct stances: no brand (Mujirushi) and the value of good items (ryohin).

Ever since our establishment, we’ve never stopped thinking about the true meaning of prosperity or what defines a product that embodies the relationship between human and nature for the achievement of a “Pleasant Life”. We’ve always expressed this idea to our customers through simple spatial design, genuine background music, and honest direct interaction with our customers.

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